Versatile networks and wide ranging technology! What should you choose that offers reliability, security, performance and ROI? Perfect India Services pvt. ltd. is a leader in providing network solutions to small-to-medium sized enterprises.

Are you looking to enhance your network performance and, at the same time, render a secure voice and data transmission? Perfect India Services pvt. ltd. brings leading solutions for secure voice and data networking. Our versatile range of products reduces network complexity and cost for businesses of all sizes.

Telecom Service

Office telephone systems must be able to accommodate the size and demands of your business needs while fitting into your budget requirements.  Properly configured upon installation, a Telephone System requires very little maintenance; however, when the need arises, we are always here to help.  From simple extension moves, adds or changes, to reprogramming your system or making minor adjustment, we are here for you when you need us.

Networking Service

Perfect India Services pvt. ltd. can help you deploy your Network while balancing price and functionality to fit your requirements.

Computer networks can vary widely depending on your corporate needs, budget and future growth potential.  Let our vast experience help to cut your technology costs while increasing personal productivity.

  • Installation and maintenance of all types of networking equipment including  Hubs, Switches, Routers, Network Attached Storage, Wireless Access Points and Wireless Repeater, and more.
  • Installation of Hardware and Software based firewalls for secure Internet access across your Local network
  • Maintenance, repair or upgrade existing Computer equipment including:
    • Workstations
    • Laptops
    • Domain Servers
    • File and Print Servers

While modern technology is designed to last, the nature of electronics does not allow for long-term guarantees by the manufacturer. An Extended Service Warranty Agreement is the only way to protect yourself against the unexpected worries and expenses associated with regular wear and tear as your system continues to age.